Dr. Mechanik’s Toe Separators with No Loop

For Bunions, Overlapping & Hammertoes, Neuromas, and Toenail Pain

  • Silicone gel toe separators comfortably keep your toes separated to help with bunion pain and promote proper foot alignment
  • By separating your toes, you can reduce rubbing and ease discomfort caused by bunions by gently keeping the joint realigned.  
  • Keeping your small toes separated helps reduce discomfort from neuromas, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and rubbing toe pain.
  • Dr. Mechanik’s toe separators prevent toe rub to reduce the risk of corns developing between the toes. 
  • You can wash and reuse our gel toe separators again and again, and they fit discreetly inside of most shoes. Their simple design is safer to use at night or with poor circulation